Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey - What Are Vagina Balls / Ben Wa Balls / Kegel Exercisers / Jiggle Balls?

I've been prompted to write this blog after a week revolving around bizarre thoughts associated with the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, which I decided to read.

As wonderful at 50 Shades of Grey has been for salaciously opening the pleasure-deprived loins of many women across the world, I must say that its lack of correct phrasing in places has lead to a real SEO nightmare for sex toy retailers. After all there's no point in explaining what these things are and how they work if we can't figure out what you're asking about.

I can't tell you how many names I know for those insertable balls of all shapes, sizes and descriptions that are designed either for pleasure, for medical purposes or for both. Chinese medicine balls, vagina balls / vaginal balls, kegel exercisers, PC trainers, duoballs, love balls, Ben Wa balls (Ben Wah Balls), Pelvic floor exercisers, toner balls, those 'silver balls' and now, thanks to The Guardian, 'jiggle balls'. There's a lot to be said for product name constancy, after all a rabbit is a rabbit whether it's got a dolphin, caterpillar or blooming water buffalo for a stimulator.

Even more confusing, they aren't always one in the same but may be branded as many things. Their sizes, weights and compositions also make it a baffling mystery as to what you're actually looking at, so let me break it down for you.

Remember in the 90's when we all had those two metal balls that chimed when you shook them? They were usually in a brocade box and we used to roll them around in our hands. Meditation balls. Steel balls. Chinese medicine balls. Bingo! In my childhood I made recreational playground use of these suckers.

Modern incarnations are often a far flung visual from the traditional weighted balls, but many still have that same style. Some even still chime! They now come in silicone, latex, ABS plastic and other inexpensive materials as well as the traditional steel, gold and silver balls. I believe there are two types of these balls - those with a medical function and those built for pleasure.

Those that are used for health benefits I will alway call Kegel Exercisers but they are fundamentally a form of Ben Wa Balls. What qualifies Ben Wa Balls as being a Kegel exerciser is relative to your own body.

Kegel exercisers come in various sizes and weights and the size/weight that you use depends on how toned you are when you start. The heavier and smaller a Kegel Exerciser is, the more toned and trained your Kegel muscles/PC muscles/pelvic floor (yes, they're all referring to the same thing).

Ladies who have had children or have weaker muscles start with larger and lighter exercisers like The Official Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure Ben Wa Balls. The balls contain weights which move about as you move and those weights cause an involuntary contraction in the vaginal muscles, which gives them a gentle workout. The more you wear the balls, the stronger those muscles become. When you no longer find a Kegel exerciser to be a challenge to hold in and clench strongly against, it's time to move onto something smaller and heavier.

Being 28 and having never had children, I opted for a small and heavy exerciser straight out. I'd warrant that if you match that profile then you'll want to too. I personally love the Je Joue Ami Kegel Exercisers. It's a set of 3 differently sized and weighted Kegel exercisers that you progress through. Someone who had been using a larger exerciser would start with Ami 1. You can try all three to see which is right for you.   You can see my review of the Ami Kegel Exerciser set on Lovehoney here.

Most recently Lovehoney issued a new challenge with The Official Fifty Shades of Grey Silver Balls (Inner Goddess). Weighing in at 221g (and no, that doesn't include the metal finger loop), they are the heaviest solid silver balls I've come across for sale at present. Definitely need to give those a shot.

Benefits of using Kegel exercisers include improved vaginal tightness, increased bladder control and stronger, lasting orgasms. Hurrah! Side effects of wearing Kegel exercisers include stimulation against the G-spot that leads to orgasm... on the number 17 bus.

Moving on, there are balls designed specifically for pleasure. These are often smaller and can some can even be worn during sex. I will always call these Ben Wa balls. The term is vague but it accurately describes a sensual ball or balls that is is/are used for pleasure.

Vibrating Ben Wa balls are connected to a battery pack and instead of having weights that stimulate they use multispeed vibrations. I'd recommend these for vaginal use during anal sex, anal use during vaginal sex (so long as they are firmly wired and suitable for anal use) and for use during oral.

My personal understanding is that these balls, and remote-controlled love egg - a relatively new sibling of the Ben Wa balls, do not provide sufficient stimulation for the majority of women to climax. It seems there's a lot to be said for the spontaneous and every changing movements of weighted balls. Although they may not be many women's cup of tea for inducing orgasm they are an excellent candidate for a tag team scenario. Have a look at my Lovehoney review for the Orbs de Solace Ben Wa Balls for more info.

Small Ben Wa Balls like The Original Ben Wa Balls are designed to be worn during vaginal penetration. These have weights inside just like Kegel exercisers but are too small to be held in place for Kegel exercises by the vast majority of women. Instead they assist in making the vagina feel tighter / a toy or penis feel bigger and also provide additional stimulation. These balls also come in solid metals, providing a heavy weight that provides firm pressure against the A spot and G spot when worn during penetration.

I don't presently have a review of these to link you to, but in the interest of completing my 'misc balls' explanation I've brought some solid Ben Wa balls home to review.

I don't mind admitting that I'm a little nervous. I wasn't a particularly curious child so I've never inserted tiny things into any of my bodily openings before. I'm also quite excited, I've not tried anything like this before.

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  1. do they work and not being funny but are they safe to walk about in ?? aka outside..?? x

  2. It's a very progressive thing, but I've been using my current one for around a year and I think it's fantastic. I use the Je Joue Ami number 3 and not only is it pleasurable to wear, I do seem to be having better orgasms.

    I tend to wear mine out as I leave it in for a few hours at a time. I almost lost it once when I was out drinking and I attribute that to being pretty tipsy and thus relaxed. If you're using one that's the right size for you, you'll be able to wear it out quite happily and no one will know if you have it in or not.

  3. i just got some and must be doing something wrong, i put the first ball in which is fine but when i put the 2nd one in it doesnt seem to go in all the way so when i bend it hurts, like dragging feeling and i can feel the ball through my knickers, what am i doing wrong

  4. I've written a few things for Lovehoney that will answer any questions you have. :)





  5. could I wear these while going through a metal detector in an airport ?

  6. You shouldn't try to wear sex toys during the boarding period of your flight. If you wish to wear them during the flight then that's all well and good, pop them in your hand luggage. Don't try to wear them travelling through either arrivals or departures.