Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Au Revoir, Blogger! Hella Rude Finds a New Home

After 3 years and a lot of stress, it's time to say so long to my Blogger site. I've begun the migration over to Wordpress and the domain names will follow shortly.

Blogger has been a useful platform for me, consistently bringing in over 2,500 views a month during my time here. Unfortunately Google's penalization for adult content in search engine rankings has got the better of my patience, so it's onto pastures new.

You can find my new blog at for now but soon the old URLs will all be synced with my shiny new (yet to be customised) blog. Pop over and subscribe to the new platform. It has a lot more to offer in terms of blog functionality and I'm looking forward to working with it going forward.

I'll be leaving this old thing here as it still pulls in Blogger traffic but all being well, this is the last post you'll see from me on the old site. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sex Toy Wars - The We-Vibe v Lelo Over the Right to Distribute C-Shaped Couple's Vibrators in the US

If you're hot on your sex toy news, it won't have escaped your notice that We-Vibe and Lelo have been going head-to-head over the rights to distribute C-shaped, wearable vibes for couples in the USA.

We-Vibe filed its original US patent 7,931,605 back in 2005 and when the original We-Vibe was released, it was a runaway success. Cosmopolitan US called it 'A gift from the sex Gods' and it received widespread media coverage with the likes of CNN and The New York Times. With such a recipe for success, it was all too tempting for other sex toy companies to follow the trend and try to create their own.

Since the release of the original We-Vibe, the brand have released several new versions of their best-selling vibrator for couples including We-Vibe 2, We-Vibe 3 and We-Vibe 4 . They've also created a very successful range of massagers and bullet vibrators that have received rave reviews. With such a body of fantastic products on the market, it's easy to see why protecting their design is a top priority.

We-Vibe successfully fought off competition for several years until Swedish sex toy manufacturer Lelo took a bold plunge, releasing Lelo Tiani as part of its Insignia range. Tiani sought to improve on We-Vibes original design by housing the controls in a remote for easier operation. Unfortunately their first Tiani design fell short of expectations, with signal interruptions between the toy and remote causing the toy to cut out mid play. Since Tiani's launch, Lelo have continued to work on its C-shaped vibes, releasing Tiani 2, Tiani 3, Noa and Intima Kalia (note that Kalia is on - Oops!).

To date, Lelo's C-shaped vibes are banned from release in the US, leading sex toy fans to purchase the toys from abroad and import them under the radar of leading American sex toy distributors. This backdoor allows the Lelo products to sneak past the ban on US sales and has, for obvious reasons, left We-Vibe fuming.

Lelo continue to challenge the patent We-Vibe hold in an attempt to gain market ground for their vibes in the US. It doesn't seem to be going too well, if a recent press release by We-Vibe is anything to go by. We-Vibe have two months to submit evidence and respond to Lelo's challenges and they're doing so very much in the public eye. With press releases flying around and media quotes doing the rounds, We-Vibe are making sure that this latest challenge doesn't go unnoticed by other brands considering the release of similar designs.

“This proceeding was initiated by Lelo Inc. as yet another attempt to circumvent the US International Trade Commission ruling last year that found Lelo infringed the We-Vibe patent... Standard Innovation’s We-Vibe patent remains valid and in force. After a complete and thorough investigation, the International Trade Commission concluded that the We-Vibe patent is valid. The ITC banned the import and sale of all infringing products in the US.”

Will the next hearing see a different outcome? Apparently that's unlikely. We-Vibe state that Lelo have nothing new to submit that could lead to a different result, but I have a feeling they must have something up their sleeve to bring this old case back into the light of day. Only time will tell!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ElectraStim Wave Electro Dildo Sex Toy Review

As promised, I've dug through the archives and found my ElectraStim reviews that switched me onto using electro sex toys (and approaching Cyrex for work!)...

What is the ElectraStim Wave Dildo?

Designed to work alongside any of the ElectraStim Stimulators, the ElectraStim Wave Dildo is a bi-polar electrode with two 2mm inputs in the base. Made from marine-grade aluminium and acrylic, the surface is smooth and cool to the touch and is punctuated by undulating waves that run along the insertable length of the shaft. The base is detailed with a series of insulating rings to prevent stimulation reaching your hand during play.

Measuring 5.5 inches insertable and a smidge over 3.5 inches in girth, you’ll find the size beautifully slimline and ideal for both seasoned sex toy fans and beginners alike. It’s best enjoyed with water-based lube as silicone lubricant acts as an insulator and lessens sensation. You can enjoy using this dildo without the unit, it’s highly detailed to maximise sensation and is excellent for G-spot play.

Using the ElectraStim Wave Dildo with an Electro-Stimulator

The dildo is pretty fun as a sex toy in its own right but it really comes into its own when it’s plugged into an ElectraStim stimulator. The instructions advise to insert the dildo fully before choosing your power and pattern settings and you should keep in mind that if you’re thrusting, sensation will intensify when you’re using less of the shaft. Because the contacts run the full length of the shaft, you'll feel sensation no matter how much of the length is inside you.

How Does the ElectraStim Wave Dildo Work?

When using the continuous stimulation setting, your body will react by tightly contracting around the dildo. This offers intensified sensation from the ridges as you grip around the shaft with irresistible force. Switch to a pattern setting and your body contracts around the dildo, feeling similar to an orgasm but without the biochemical rush. These orgasmic-style contractions offer hands-free stimulation and can bring you to orgasm without you needing to do a thing.

One of the most surprising uses of this dildo is as a kegel exerciser, better known as jiggle balls. As the electrostimulation makes your pelvic floor contract around it, you can actually tone your intimate muscles as you use it - like a sexy toning belt for your genitals. As you can use the dildo both anally and vaginally, both men and women can enjoy the pleasurable muscle toning effects.

Summation - Should I Buy the ElectraStim Wave Dildo?

Wave has ousted my entire collection of insertable vibrators, much to my surprise. It’s managed to achieve what vibrator manufacturers are trying to replicate - the sensations of thrusting and pulsating that better replicate the throbbing sensations of orgasmic penetrative sex. Unlike with rabbit vibes, there's no fighting against a rotating motor for sensation - in fact the tighter you clench, the stronger sensation becomes. The experience of my body contracting around the length is completely set aside from any previous sex toy experiences, it's deeper, it's more intense and (in my opinion) it's more satisfying to boot.

My personal recommendation is to enjoy Wave alongside a bullet vibrator for simultaneous clitoral stimulation that transcends the boundaries of both solo and shared pleasure. I can see this particular set-up being a preserve at my bedside for some time to come.

ElectraStim Flick EM60
ElectraStim Wave Electro Dildo
Also available in the US from the site.

I still stand by the comments I made in this review. Over a year on, the experience hasn't gotten old. ;)

Monday, March 10, 2014

What is Erotic ElectroStimulation and How Does it Feel?

For the past year I've been working closely with ElectraStim, a UK company who invent and produce electro sex toys, distributing them worldwide via adult retailers, their UK online store and their American website

Prior to my introduction to Andy at Cyrex (ElectraStim's parent company), my knowledge of erotic electrostimulation (EES) was full of holes. I had an understanding of the physics surrounding the practice and I'd certainly used EES in my work as a dominatrix but I hadn't explored electrosex beyond the realms of external sensory play. My personal experience wasn't marrying with the interesting array of electrodes I was discovering, so being the curious-minded creature I am, I got in touch with Andy in regard to reviewing some of his products.

Andy sent me the ElectraStim EM60-M kit and a Wave Electro Dildo to try out to help me gain a better grasp of how erotic e-stim works. What I discovered is that internal and external stimulation, although similar in theory, feel incredibly different. I also learned that sharing an electrical charge with a partner when using a stimulator is one of the sexiest and connected experiences available to couples. Far from erotic electrostimulation being the preserve of fetishists, I realised that when you're furnished with a little insider knowledge, EES toys are incredibly sensual and a little undeserving of their niche product placement. Sure, they are fantastic fetish products and are irreplaceable in the realms of CBT, pussy torture and pushing the pleasure/pain boundary further, but that's just a single facet of electro play.

Marketing has a lot to answer for. Our kindred pervs on the fet scene are pioneers in experimental sexual practices - they're the first to buy, the first to try and the first to set the bar by which we judge erotic products. If a product range is considered to be niche by virtue of its BDSM abilities, it's hard to look past those ideas as a person with little-to-no knowledge of its potential. Thanks to this realisation, I now dedicate a lot of my working time with ElectraStim, explaining how different types of electro sex toys work and what you can expect. I try to cover both sides of the coin, the pleasurable effects of using erotic electro-stimulation as a pleasure enhancer and also the more intense side connected with bondage and fetish games.

I won't regurgitate the content of the ElectraStim advice guides I've written, but if you're a curious newcomer, you should check out the Beginner's ElectraStim Advice Guides for the 411. I would like to give a quick lowdown of the sensations you can expect in a nice, easy-to-digest bullet list:

  • Using electro sex toys is not painful... unless you want it to be. You set the parameters for power and the stimulators are highly adjustable, so you only need to push the levels up enough to feel sensations if you want a more sensual erotic experience.
  • The sensations feels like a gentle tingle that rises and falls in time with the stimulation pattern. It's not usually prickly or pins-and-needles-like unless you don't have good bodily contact with the electrode or you have power set to a high level.
  • The smaller the contact area with your body, the more intense stimulation will feel. Using a dildo will offer softer stimulation than using a small butt plug because the electricity is spread out over a wider area, so you'll want to use a lower intensity with a smaller toy.
  • When power is set to just the right level, it causes the muscles beneath or surrounding the electrode to contract in time with stimulation. When using external pads, it feels similar to a massage. When using a vaginal or anal sex toy, it feels similar to orgasmic contractions - that's the main unique selling point of electro sex toys, they make your body move as opposed to moving against your body. People generally start experiencing a ticklish sensation at levels 2 - 4 and accompanying contractions at levels 3 - 6.
  • You can share sensations in-sync with your partner by sharing a channel. If you both use an electrode connected to the same wire (you can attach 2 toys to a single channel), you'll feel sensations through the electrodes as well as everywhere you touch one another. This turns you both into living, breathing electro sex toys.
  • There are a lot of electro sex toys available to cater for all different types of toy play. If you're fond of dildos, try an electro dildo. Vibrating cock rings? Try an electro cock ring. The products are like-for-like, albeit the sensations differ to traditional vibrations.
  • Electro play can make you feel more sensitive to touch. Much like erotic massage excites the nerve endings, electro-stimulation goes deeper to further excite your body. This is particularly effective during sensory play. If your body becomes accustomed to being stroked, massaged, tickled or spanked, electro play can make you feel more sensitive to touch again.
I can probably talk about erotic estim for hours, given the level of involvement I now have with the products and the brand. Those interested in hearing more about using electro sex toys from a first-time perspective can check back here later in the week. I'll be posting the original reviews I wrote for ElectraStim to share a little insight into my electro play exploration. Let's just say I liked them so much... I asked them to become my client. ;)